Queen Bee XL Door Knocker

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The HIVE can not survive without it's QUEEN!

When a queen bee is born she has a choice to make. She can remain in the HIVE and become the new queen or she can take some bees with her and swarm. Remaining in the hive is the more common decision however Andrena wants to spread far and wide and show off her beauty to many owners in every corner of the globe.

The queen bee’s unique and beautiful shape designed by Brass bee features a beautiful finish, detailed wings and of course our famous shiny stripes running across the body (3 to be exact). The wings of the bee are attached to the striking plate, whilst the body of the queen bee can be lifted to create the perfect knock on your front door.

Approximate Dimensions Queen Bee:

Width 'wing to wing' - 19cm 
Height - 16cm 
Depth - 5.5cm  
Screw holes distance - 8cm from top to bottom with a screw hole in the middle too

Fixing Information:

Our Brass bee door knockers are supplied with 3 screws which are easily attached to any type of door whether it be wooden, UPVC or composite doors. The bee is screwed to the door using the 3 screws provided which go through the back plate and no screws will be visible on the inside of the door.

How to care for your bee door knocker

 Your door knocker should just be washed with warm soapy water. Always avoid using abrasive materials which could scratch the surface of your bee.

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