Brass bee door knocker - various colours

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Solid Brass Bumble Bee Door Knocker Complete With Fixing Screws. 

Finishes :

Nickel plated (silver colour)    

Heritage Brass 


Rose Gold 

Brass / Gold 


Satin (Satin Nickel)

Black Nickel  

This beautiful, heavy door knocker is designed in the shape of a bumble bee..
A very high quality, solid door knocker.

Approximate Dimensions brass bee:
Width 'Body' - 12.7cm
Wing 'wings - 6.3cm
Height - 10.12cm
Depth - 3.8cm

The bee's body strikes down onto the attached back plate.
Easy to attach, with screw bolts which are provided. 

The screw bolts attach at the back plate of the door knocker, hiding them from view.

Beautiful solid brass bee
So weighty, shiny and satisfying to use. It’s pleasantly audible in a resounding yet homely way. Comes in nickel plated brass for a silver-winged look. Simple fixings make it easy to fit, creating the latest buzz on your front door.

How to care for your bee door knocker
Your door knocker should just be washed with warm soapy water. Always avoid using abrasive materials which could scratch the surface 



Our brass bee Bracket is the perfect packer that you need to fix your bee between beading or glass panels.
If the gap you would like to fix your bee too is less than 12.7cm, this handy little standoff can be attached to the door with the longer screws provided along with your brass bee. Creating the perfect look without having to alter your door or bee.
Available in a nickel finish, this is hidden behind the body of the bee and is therefore suitable for all finishes.
Height: 7.2cm
Width: 1.6cm
Depth: 2cm
Screw Length: 4.5cm

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